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Most of us are so connected to our home.

Creating a fitting and harmonious home is more important than anything else.

A place where we can relax after a long day or vacation to escape work.  A space where we can truly be ourselves, collect memories of our journeys and other personal touches.



With over 10 years  of experience, we can offer you the right tools and guidance. Interior Design made easy and accessible for everyone with any budget.

Wether you are thinking of a small remodelling job or a total upgrade of living experience. We are excited o take on any project and share our passion and experience with you.


what we do


Each design plan needs a different approach. Our services vary from standard Consultant Services to Full Interior Design Services, making sure you get the right plan and approach for your project. 

For more information and face-to-face consultation,  feel free to contact us.

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For clients that already have a rough idea of what they like and what they want. 

If you need a professional eye for a perfect finish, then a Consultant Service is what you want to plan with us. 

We'd love to help you finalise your dream space, from colour schemes to the right lighting choice, together we can turn your vision into a professional interior plan that works.

To ensure our clients a pleasant consultation service, we offer this service only locally  on Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin. 

Please contact us for more information.

Taking on the remodelling of a room or a complete property can be overwhelming or hard, simply because you don't have the time or mind set on. 


Take advantage of our Full Service, we will take care of everything; from creating a concept that will hit close to home to a finished look with a magazine worthy living space.


With our Full  Service plan, you can sit back and relax while we do the measuring, 3D designs, mood boards, floor plans and so much more. 


For more information and pricing, contact us.

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It's no secret that strong visuals, like the ambience of a space, can help sell your project much faster and easier.  


Show potential buyers all the qualities and possibilities of the property that you would like to market.

We provide high quality Photo Realistic Renders for any interior space, from bedrooms, kitchens to complete properties, it's time to show what you've got to offer.

This service is available locally and internationally.

Ready to market your project?

Fill out our Contact Form to find out more. 



Our E-design packages offers you all the sources and planning you need to turn your space into a coveted living space. Discover our 3 Design packages, completely customizable according your wishes and budget.

Our plans include mood boards, floor plan, shopping list and other necessities for successful results. 


From our first online consultation with you till the final result; we will communicate  every step till the final product, making sure you get exactly what you want and more. Our E-Design is perfect if you live overseas, go back and forth frequently or simply don't have the time doing it yourself.



Basic package for spaces up to 25m2. 

Including a mood board, shopping list and basic floor plan.



For spaces up to 50m2.

Including multiple mood boards and one month online project support.



For large spaces up to 100 m2.

Including multiple mood boards and one month online project support. 



As part of our E-Design Packages and aftercare, we use various  communication resources to understand and give you a closer look into our project. 


Meeting up is effortless via various online communication apps besides the traditional phone or email, as shown below.


When distance is an issue, you can reach us via Zoom. 


For sharing mood boards, renders, visuals and face-to-face meetings, keeping the process nice and smooth. 


A quick update or video-call, you can easily reach us via Whats App.


You are welcome to send  idea's, results, examples and new plans to share your view. 


More comfortable with communicating via Skype?

No need to worry, just all the updates you can get concerning your project easily via Skype!

contact us

Your first step towards your dream home is easier than you think.

Contact us for more information, price inquiries and questions.


We'd love to you help get started. 

Be sure to fill out the information below and we will contact you shortly!

Share your journey with us on our social media pages and follow us for inspiration and great design tips.

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